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Network marketing has come to stay however It has its challenges which creators always work hard to overcome.

1.Inability to convince people to join your network.

2.lack of understanding on the part of recruiter.

3.Lack of training on the part of employees.

4.Mystical ideologies.

5.Automatic monthly payments and product selling.

All the above among others are some of the reasons why people do not get into network marketing.

Notwitstanding people are making millions and billions of dollars from network marketing each day and the concept of networking which purports bondage and helping each other is at the verge of collapsing.


Mr Kwadwo Boateng the CEO of Executive Network Trust(ENT) and his partner shareholders thought about all the above and decided to design a network that actually works without stress.

How about a network that starts with a meagre amount of just GH 100 and matures you at several levels to Ghc 30,000

How about a network that recruits people for you whiles you relax and just wait

How about a network that sends your payments in the very hour of your maturity.

How about a network with no downlines

How about a network that gives you free training in forex trading

How about a network that support the needy in-conjunction with ADTRUST AID AGENCY

How about a network of just one-time payment



The OCT Peer to Peer account is an account that helps you to provide help for your friend today and wait for others to provide help for you tomorrow

The best way to do this is to merge with people in your category. This will ensure head to head and avoid shortage of funds


Propose to send help in the PH QUEUE

WAIT IN THE READY QUEUE for 10th lot(for the 10th person to be added)


walaaaaaa GET PAID

Is as simple as ABC

Always recycle To keep the system strong

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